Diamond in the Rough


Buckets of beer and bendy straws

In honor of the group returning to Africa this week, today’s wordless Wednesday will feature some of my favorite pictures from my trip last November.

Our group of 48

Veronicah, the girl who stole my heart

The death grip hugs were out of this world!

Baby in a bath tub

Purple Rain Boots

Stuff the Orlando Magic Mascot, The Celebrity Mascot Games 2010

Isaiah and Donnell


These are 3 of my wonderful nephews! Aren’t they super cute. They recently moved to Georgia and I do not get to see them a lot, but I did this past weekend and that makes me very happy 🙂

So, I have a secret. I love getting mail. I sometimes check the mailbox upwards of 3 times a day, waiting for it to arrive. Granted, that is in part to them showing up at such inconsistent times everyday, but it also have to do with my excitement to see what is inside. I’m not going to lie, if I get to the mailbox and there is nothing for me I am always tempted just to leave the rest of it in the mailbox.

But Friday’s mail was good to me!

Contents of the Mailbox

People, US, Entertainment Weekly, Rouge

My P&G Sampler and the ful bottle of Renu contact solution.

Look at all those coupons that came with them!

It was a good mailbox day!

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